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SPONSER A TOILET - Save the Dignity of Women

Besides dignity of an individual, defecation in the open has been a major cause of social implications as almost 55% of Indian population has no access to toilets and running water supply.   The situation is actually pathetic when it comes to adolescent girls and women.  They are the worst sufferer on this account as they are verbally abused, stalked and physically assaulted while responding to the calls of nature, particularly at nights.   Imagine the state of mind of a person who undergoes the terror of such a risk several times a day.

Your support and our efforts, TOGATHER we can save the dignity of women.  We can save them from the everyday trauma of a potential harassment.  We can gift them a toilet.  Together we can bring change in the lives of many. 

You can sponsor as many toilets as you wish to, construction cost of a toilet is only Rs 15,000 per unit.  We utilize your money exactly for the purpose it is donated.  We observe full transparency in our activities.  You get full details of the beneficiary of your funds, and you get invitations to meet them. 

Please support the cause, and remit your donations to ABHINAV.  Your donations are exempted from taxes under section 80G.

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