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Skill Development
India’s growth story cannot be scripted without shaping the future of the coming generations. For achieving this objective, adequately employability-linked skilling is the only tool that holds significance at this juncture. This shall not only achieve inclusive growth but will also result in socio-economic development of the society.  Unfortunately, despite the persistent stress laid on skilling and training, there is a shortage of skilled manpower. Time has come to introduce major reforms in the education system by offering vocational courses to suit the needs of the present day employers.

Abhinav Resources in Skill Enhancement (ARISE)
In our endeavor to constantly strive for the development of human resource in the region by contributing to a holistic planning of education and vocational skills we have initiatives to develop value added, tailor made courses which have demand in the job market.  ABHINAV’s training Institute ARISE conducts several skill development, entrepreneurship and vocational training programmes to enhance the employability and self-reliance of the youth of the region in various sectors of the region’s economy.
At present the vocational training programmes are being diversified, considering the social needs of the people. We at ARISE have ventured into the socio economic development programmes with a view to train the village artisans and rural entrepreneurs in taking up self employment.  Our approach and system of functioning, being  people oriented, has resulted into formulation  of several programmes and schemes  and collaboration  with various agencies in order to provide assistance in getting bank loan, familiarization with self employment schemes,  identification of   technical collaboration and  providing help in setting up infrastructure. Such training programmes enable the local youth to form Self Help Groups, analyse the emerging problems and take corrective actions accordingly. Through these training programmes they learn cost effective ways of production and marketing of their products.

ABHINAV applies following methods for conducting the training programs:

    Lectures by experts
    Hands--on training
    Practical counselling
    Practical field experience
    Diagnostic camps
    Collaboration Centres
    E-Learning portal - Information Systems Services 
    Audio Video

Table 1:  Vocational Training Programmes

    Technical Vocational Skills

    Auto Mobile Repair,
    Repair of Gadgets and Instruments ( Mobile Phones and Computers)
    Electrical Repairs

General Vocational Skills

    Public Speaking
    Writing skills
    Communication / Soft Skills
    Personality Development
    Vocational Skills for Domestic Workers
    Vocational Skills for Dropouts
    Plastic Engineering Technology for the Educated Unemployed
    Low Cost House making with Bamboos

Vocational skills in Agriculture

    Watershed Management
    Rain Water Harvesting

Vocational Skills in Information & Technology

    Use of multimedia packages
    Operation of  Information Systems Services in a Call-Centre system


Outlined below are the methods being used in the non-formal vocational training programmes for imparting the technical and general vocational skills:

Barefoot Technicians/ Grass root  Level Workers Course 

    School screening
    Awareness and diagnostic camps in the villages
    Family visit and counselling
    Maintenance of Record books

Marketing of Agricultural Produces

    Practical Training by experts Research Centre etc.
    Colorful slide , diagrams & photographs
    Face to face interaction with the scientists and entrepreneurs

Low Cost item Handicraft Training

    Sessions on teaching and learning skills to make utility items having local demand.
    Sessions devoted to teaching making of decorative items having substantial demand outside state.
    Experts from outside world

  Dairy Farming

    Technical session with practical demonstration on scientific dairy farming technology.
    Theory classes by experts from the Agricultural  Centre,   Agricultural University and the Animal Husbandry Department
     Colorful slide show, photograph & diagrams
    Practical classes on different aspect of  preparation of rations, demonstration on fodder production and preservation, artificial insemination, care & management of dairy animals
    Field visits    to demonstrate the practical aspects.

Integrated farming system

    Lectures on various aspects of an Integrated Farming System. (IFS), Organic farming, farm composting, marketing, economics and fish production.
    Organization  of exhibition showing the models of IFS, new crop varieties, animal health care approaches (vaccines), improved farm implements and handicraft items
     Field trip to village.

Vocational Training for Women Domestic Workers in Basic Computer Skills and Communication Skills.

        Collaboration with the North East Domestic Workers Association.
        Computer Skills in typing, word processing, browsing the internet
        Communication  in  English language pronunciation and Conversation

Vocational Training Programme of Hardware and Software repairing

    Knowledge of Hardware and Software
     Fault finding, trouble shooting,
     PCB identification
    Group discussion
    Career counselling 

Highlights of the Training Programs

    Trainees are inspired to become entrepreneurs
    They learn many technical skills through these training programmes which help in their capacity building and improving socio-economic conditions
    They were willing to undergo an advance training programme to acquire the skill of designing in weaving and expressed their willingness to undergo further training to sharpen their skills.
    The Programme built their capacity to earn and made them self dependent financially.
    The Programme was very useful for poor and unemployed youth to earn a living without  any big capital investment
    It had a tremendous impact on the local youth.
    Our training has benefited the disadvantaged and under-privileged
    It revived the art of weaving and inspired the women association to take it up on commercial scale.
    They formed Self Help Groups  in  villages


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