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Presently, the agricultural production is declining daily due to indiscriminate use of natural resources (like soil, water, etc.) and agri-inputs. Consequently, there is a wide gap in productivity and potential yield along with several problems like soil health deterioration, declining water productivity, and environmental issues. Hence, change is required in farming and cropping system with sustained use of natural resources. Abhinav took an initiative for encouraging agricultural development and disseminated scientific approach towards agricultural techniques among the farming community of District Muzaffarnagar.

With the objective of studying existing farming, resources, cropping system and socio-economic issues in western plains, Abhinav conducted PRA survey and personal interview in four block of Muzaffarnagar namely Khatauli, Shahapur, Sadar and Baghra. Five villages of each block were selected and all categories of farmer’s i.e. large, medium, small, marginal and landless labors were targeted. It was observed that some farmers are diversified and growing flower and vegetables instead of using major crops like sugarcane-ratoon, wheat and rice.

Abhinav came as a spearhead for developing the farmer’s awareness regarding soil health analysis, training programmes, field demonstration, farmer’s information group (FIG), exposure visits, farm demonstration, seed money to farmer’s group, and experts visit.

SOIL HEALTH ANALYSIS : Farmer’s must know fertility status of soil viz. organic carbon content and deficient micro nutrients and salinity problem in soil. Around 69 samples of soil were collected and analyzed for pH, EC, organic carbon, available NPK by a team of experts in State Agriculture Department Laboratory. Further, soil health card were distributed among the farmer’s which helps them in realizing the value of soil testing and use relevant nutrients as per recommendations. 

FARMER's TRAINING : Farmer’s must know best suited eco-friendly and economy technique of agriculture for sustainable production. Around 18 programmes were conducted in Muzaffarnagar at village, district and state levels for encouraging farmer’s participation towards water management and optimizing the production. Abhinav covered issues like organic farming, mechanization of crops, water management, and soil testing through surveys, farmer to farmer’s interactions, group discussions and a day visit by organization project staff. Also, the organization conduct one day training to support farmer’s need, solving their problems, and better understanding of technique by distributing literature/material. Thus, it helps to educate farmers for using balanced nutrients (like potassium, sulphur and zinc) and precise use of water for crops.

FIELD DEMONSTRATION : Abhinav has conducted field demo for supporting the farmers with different eco-system and diverse input use capacity like seed treatment with chemical, fertilizers, vermin compost, etc. Organization has created awareness about diversification in sugarcane, organic farming, balance fertilization, organic manure, and demonstrated the performance of new high yielding varieties to poor farmer’s especially small and marginal. The techniques considered for demonstration where monetary and non monetary inputs like line sowing of crop, varietal demonstration on improved basmati varieties i.e. P.B.-1, Pusa Sugandha-4 & 5 were provided. After conducting demonstrations, some effects were noticed such as less infestation of disease and insect in line sowing; better vegetative growth and low infection of blast in Pusa Sugandha-4 & 5; and effective balanced fertilization on vegetative growth.

FARMERS INFORMATION GROUPS (FIG) : This is a small voluntary association of marginal and small farmers for solving their inputs needs for improvement of agriculture and promotes small saving among its member. FIG and its member can start their enterprise/diversification in agriculture for income generating activities (IGA). Now all future schemes will be implemented through FIG which will definitely improve capacity building of farmers and encourage team building.

EXPOSURE VISIT : Abhinav has organized exposure visits for farmers to National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal; Ch. Charan Singh Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana; Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, Agricultural University, Meerut; and ICAR, New Delhi. The purpose is to provide transfer of technology among the farmers on variety, plant nutrition, machine, agri-inputs (like seeds, fertilizers, pesticide), and adoption of mechanized farming methods. Around 500 farmers have been given opportunity of being exposed to informative environment and created their interest to visit fair for adopting such methods and practices for sustainable agriculture.

FARM DEMONSTRATION : Abhinav took several initiatives to cut down agricultural production cost and simultaneously increase production. Around 1500 demonstrations have been given to farmers in their farming field which brought changes in farming technique. During farm demonstration, testing of field soil, new irrigation technique, and issuing soil health card to the farmers helps in providing them high quality seeds and crops.

SEED MONEY TO FARMERS GROUP : This is to facilitate the farmer's demand for purchasing agri-inputs during sowing and to fulfill farmer's monetary requirement for controlling disease & insect during crop. Poor marginal and land less labour farmers were selected for this programme and a provision to provide Rs. 10000/- per farmer at the time of crop sowing which was refundable. This programme gave unbelievable results due to timely availability of money to the farmers for sowing, and providing balance fertilizer to their crops. This scheme helps in getting improved variety quality seeds.

EXPERTS VISIT : The organization experts visit demonstration sites to examine the crop condition, provide knowledge about technology, and solution related to existed field problems (like insect and disease infestation). A team of five experts namely Dr. K.S. Panwar, Dr. Vipin Kumar - Assistant Professor (Agro), Mr. Rajveer Solanki (Plant Pathologist), Mr. Ankur kumar (Agri Management), and Mr. Anoop Kumar (Water Management) have visited each demonstration sites and gave their comment. These experts explain scientific facts regarding technology which was highly appreciated by the farmer’s.

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