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Our Logo

ABHINAV means ‘Innovation’.  This reflects our tendency to bring about new approach towards social issues.

ABHINAV stands for the following:
A – Agriculture
B – Building (Construction)
H - Health
I – Information Technology
N – Nature (Environment)
A – Aqua (Water)
V – Vrouw (Dutch word for women)
The hut like orange coloured figure denotes the attachment of organization with rural background.It shows that the organization has its roots in rural area.The red line below the organization reflects leadership approach in dealing with the problems. It
symbolizes our unmatched breakthroughs in every field.
The philosophy below the name of organization “Organization for Rural Development” simply signifies the soul of our work conveying that we are an organization for rural development.
Color Scheme of Logo

    All the fields abbreviated in the name have been given blue color which is a sign the quantum oftrueness as well as royalty in these fields.
    The philosophy of our organization is written in white color as it stands for purity and
    cleanliness. It signifies that our goal is clean and pure.
    The red line denotes leadership and courage. It signifies that we take initiatives with the sense ofleadership and immense courage.
    Moreover, the orange color of hut like figure gives the feel of optimistic and determinedapproach. This indicates that we confidently move forward with a positive attitude.
    Tag line has been written in white as it denotes the purity of our thought and psychology. Itmeans what we intend to do has the attribute of purity.

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