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SHG Mobilization & Training Activities

SHG is a new concept for supporting rural people and solving their common problems through self help groups and mutual help. It enables the members to learn to cooperate and work in a group environment. SHG promotes small saving among its member and kept this saving in the bank. This helps the members to start their enterprise for income generating activities (IGA). SHG's significantly contribute to the empowerment of poor women.

Abhinav has implemented Swaranjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna (S.G.S.Y.), a Government of India sponsored scheme for social & financial up-liftment of peoples living below poverty line. Under this scheme, organization provides basic innovation, micro planning, bank account opening, technical training & marketing facilities to form SHG's in various districts. The basic innovation training under SGSY scheme had been given to different members of SHG whose details shown in graph-1. From the graph, it shows that the organization is imparting training to total 5963 SHG members in different locations on yearly basis. The details of training program conducted at different locations of Uttar Pradesh as shown in table-1. In total, more than 3.83 lakhs beneficiaries got training under various schemes like Swajaldhara, S.G.S.Y, Food processing unit, etc.

Table-1: Total number of trained SHG members at different locations of UP




Total SHG member


May–June 2004

Fatehganj (W) and Meerganj, Barielly



Sep-Oct, 2004

Kiratpur, Haldaur & Jalilpur, Bijnor



Oct. to March 2005

Baghra, Kairana, Kandhla, Khatauli, Shahapur and Budhana , Muzaffarnagar



Year 2009. to 2010

Sadar, Shamli, Unn & Budhana, Muzaffarnagar



Year 2010. to 2011

Sadar, khandhla, Unn & Budhana, Muzaffarnagar



Year 2011. to 2012

Sadar, khandhla, khatuli & Budhana, Muzaffarnagar



Year 2012. to 2013

Sadar, khandhla, jansath & Budhana, Muzaffarnagar



Year 2013. to 2014

Sadar, khandhla, jansath & Budhana, Muzaffarnagar


Certain benefits comes under SGSY scheme like bank for the poor by the poor; encourage for the habit of saving; income for saving; group corpus for various needs; freedom from money leader; credit for bank for any purpose; credit at very cheap rates; credit for bank without security; credit with minimum documentation; and all future scheme through SHG.

Abhinav has formed SHG for the rural people under SGSY training program scheme which includes name, member number, main SHG member (president, secretary, treasure), gender (male/Female/both), age, one member from a family, socio-economic status, place & residence, religion, service area, defaulter, rule & regulation, wow can leave their group, meeting of group, and inter loaning rule. After the formation of SHG, a couple of group meetings are held for opening a savings bank account with the nearest commercial or regional rural bank or a cooperative bank. This is to improve the transparency levels of SHG's transactions. In training programs, trainer covers bank knowledge, saving scheme knowledge, relation between facilitator and bank, no dues certificate, photographs of office bearers, membership of defaulter, name of Schemes, and minimum amount for S.B. account. The book keeping for SHG are meeting and saving register, cash book, inter loaning register, monthly rating chart, member wise saving and loan account, saving bank account of group, loan account of group, profit and loss account of group, and balance sheet of group. The grading rule of SHG which can be followed by the bank are objective, Membership, Group activities, Leadership, Participatory Decision making, Conflict Resolution, Group saving, Inter Loaning, Fund management, Maintenance of books, Group meeting and Grading Format.

Abhinav has trained the rural people that how one can utilize their fund and gain profit for the long time with the following key points like Training of small Enterprises, Funds distribution, Knowledge about the raw material, Marketing Knowledge, and how can return your loan to the bank. The organization provides training to small enterprises under the food processing for making Jam, Jelly, Achar/pickles, Tomato ketchup, Soya Sauce, vinegar, Noodles, Besan, canned product, Masala Grinding, etc. After completion of training, the organization helps SHG members for selling readymade products with their common name “ABHINAV”. The organization gives complete training facilities about marketing, distribution, marketing capture and selling, method, etc.

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