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Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation

Abhinav has set many milestones in the field of safe drinking water & sanitation. The organization has implemented 96 projects in 8 districts of Uttar Pradesh and over 100 well known Government schemes pertaining to sanitation and water program under the Swajaldhara project. The total cost of all district projects is around 35 crores. Moreover, recently, Abhinav has successfully implemented and completed the work of project at 21 villages of Muzaffarnagar and 23 villages of Bijnore districts and counting is on. The main objective of the organization is to provide clean and portable drinking water facilities in rural areas under different pipeline water supply schemes. Such initiative took place firstly by Abhinav in year 2004-05 from the village of Bareily district. A detailed project report (DPR) was prepared for this entire scheme and conducted many market survey, area profiling, and socio-economic studies during the implementation of this project.

Certain activities under this project such as TOT by State Water Sanitation Mission and Government team; Reorganization of VWSC: JPS; Program Orientation to the community; WCG (Women Cluster Group) formation; Federation of self help group; Sanitary survey; Base line service; Wealth ranking exercise for identification of community contribution levels; Use of PRA; Organizing cross visits; Evaluation of water source; Identification of Water resources; Feasibility Survey of technical options; meeting; Detailed Engineering Survey; Mobilization of Community for initial cash Contribution; Trainings; Preparation of Implementation proposal; Plan for labor contribution; Monitoring and Evaluation Plan; Operation and Maintenance plan; and Record keeping at Community level.

The project also formulated a Community Empowerment Strategy comprising of three major components namely, Health Environment and Sanitation Awareness (HESA), Women's Development Initiative (WDI), and Non-formal Education (NFE). Apart for creating assets for water supply (Hand Pump, Mini Pipe Water Supply Schemes, and Over Head Tanks) and environmental sanitation facilities namely soak pit, garbage pit, compost pit, drainage, khadanja and plantation, the project aimed to develop the capacity of women, the main stakeholders in the drinking water and sanitation sector, covering key areas like skill enhancement and training to help them realize the benefits of improved water and environmental services.

The organization has given many types of special training programmes to the GP/VWSC members. About 200 persons have participated in such trainings like first training is to provide basic knowledge of project; second is to check the feasibility; third is about hygiene and environment sanitation awareness (HESA) and(WDI); fourth is about women empowerment; fifth is technical and financially for SRP; and sixth is for monitoring and evaluation.

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