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IT Development

Empower youth and women of rural areas to achieve their aspirations using ICT. The objectives are to develop IT skills, spread e-literacy, developing productive software, improvement in socio-economic status, healthcare facilities, education, weather, agri-services, and awareness through video conferencing and satellite technologies.

Abhinav is running a project called “Advance Level Information & Satellite Technologies Training Center” in village Naya gaon, block of Jansath, district Muzaffarnagar with the assistance of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). After a baseline survey during Abhinav Health Post - UPHSDP funded project implementation, it is found that mostly peoples belongs to backward and BPL family. This area has very poor progress indicators like sexual discrimination, lack of awareness about health & education, unavailability of health facilities & resources, child labor (industrial, trade & agriculture), unemployment, low economical status, rover families (like - banjara cast & industrial labors), and unavailability of quality education & educational resources. Hence, it is necessary to focus on latest and quality education in the village. This will help in improving the all progress indicators of the area.

Under this project, services provided were pertained to modern health care, education, weather, and agriculture services by satellite based communication techniques with the technical support of ISRO. These experiments and services will improve financial, economical, and social status of project area beneficiaries. The services rendered under this campaign can be categorized as:

(1) Telemedicine service - This service is provided to local health institutions with experts’ panel of doctor. During emergency, doctors’ could be contacted through satellite based communication techniques such as video and teleconferencing.
(2) Training and data service - This service is to train potential students in information technology to generate employment and make them stand confidently in fast paced world.
(3) Traditional service - This service is to connect to agriculture and other rural traditional products traders for the up-liftment of farmers and other rural people. These traders procure same at genuine prices, so that farmers and local traditional units gain more financial benefits and prevention of local trader’s commission. This helps in improving financial status of area.
(4) Core services - This service provides core knowledge to members of the project in following ways:

    Basic IT skills :- Configuring & repairing computers, and developing skills for beginners for using internet with courses like basic IT course (BIT) and working with Windows.
    Life Skills :- Inspiring and developing skills for a confident and winning edge in life with courses like practical English and personality development.
    Job Skills :- Developing skills for a professional career through special programmes like DIT (diploma course for basic programming skills), Tally (accounting software), and Selling skills.

Abhinav is also actively participating in other projects related to information and communication technology such as:
(1) Communications - A unique e-mail facility in 12 Indian languages.
(2) E-Governance - Delivering government service and information to citizens so that they can now easily get their caste, income & domicile certificates; timely details on government welfare schemes; Below Poverty Line (BPL) and ration cards; and learners driving license at doorsteps.
(3) E-Commerce - Direct access to markets for sale and purchase of products in India and abroad.
(4) E-Health - Provides access to reliable and affordable medical services.
(5) E-Services - Makes bus and railway bookings easy and convenient.
(6) Batch Sheet - It is a unique community programme where common interest groups in the community like women, children and youth come together to share and discuss issues relevant to them, explore solutions and acquire new strengths to face life’s challenges.

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