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Health & Family Welfare

Abhinav has implemented health projects like innovative health project and promotion of clinical based RCH services. These projects are supported by sustained IEC campaigns. Innovative health project was funded by World Bank and implemented in block of Morna and Jansath of Muzaffarnagar. The activities undertaken by the organization such as safe child birth delivery; pre and post delivery services; midwifes training in hospital and domiciliary; health camps; reproductive and child health programme; medical education; medicine distribution; logistic support in family planning; family welfare programme; health and hygiene; and knowledge about safe drinking water and sanitation. Another project called as promotion of clinical based RCH services was funded by USAID and implemented in 2 blocks of Baraut and Pilana of district Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. This project was implemented through multispectral approach. Under this project, the organization serves to community through these services such as: coordination, training, workshop, and building capacity of ASHAs & stakeholders; formation and strengthening of village health and sanitation committee; counseling; curative treatment; etc. This project was evaluated by the students of IIM and Abhinav achieved the highest rank in evaluation.

Abhinav has taken an initiative to make the community healthy by raising the standards of living and cutting down the expenses for medical treatment for rural peoples. They undertook major activities such as:

(1) Vaccination - This campaign is for both mother and child to ensure their immunity against diseases. The volunteers of NGO visits door to door for vaccination and 2 days in a week fixed for free vaccination to children of the age 0 to 5 year and pregnant mother. Thus, Abhinav has offered this service to about 19070 mother and child.

(2) Referral Service - The NGO workers are providing services to the rural peoples so that the patients can be easily referred to the Government health centers (CHC, PHC, DHM, and DHF) during serious and emergency conditions. Near about 1641 child patients out of 4278 were referred to nearest Government hospital.

(3) Family welfare planning and methods - Abhinav organized health program for the rural people to motivate them to adopt family planning method, childcare, health hygiene, safe drinking and sanitation, knowledge about the pubertal girl's problems, hormonal imbalance, and psychological change. The organization has made efforts and supported the community by providing training to 8100 females and 7689 males. Society has also established FWCC (Family Welfare Counseling Center) in every village where all types of necessary medicines, first aid, safe delivery kit, literature, ORS, Sarar tools, and iron and folic acid are available every time. Abhinav has motivated around 11485 peoples to adopt FW methods, out of which only 940 females have adopted FW method permanently latest by 31st March, 2014.

(4) Curative Treatment - Organization has arranged clinical tests, drug disbursal of T.B. Leprosy, STD, cure comminuted, non-comminuted disease, epidemic, pandemic, disease and prophylactic measurement, health camp, immunization, polio, etc. This treatment was provided to total 12345 females, 9396 child of age 0 to 12 years, and 11701 males.

(5) Contraceptive Social Marketing (CSM) - It is designed to lessen countries' dependence on the donor community and expand access by privatizing distribution and marketing. A big number of ASHAs were illiterate or belonged to influential and economically strong families like Pradhans who restricted their participation in the cause. It is in the areas like Baraut and Pilana of Baghpat and a major stumbling block in the counseling of community. Consequently, it had negative approach towards CSM promotion. This problem was solved by making the ASHA’s aware of the soul of CSM and its implication to their community. Further, the leaders of their family were also sensitized for this cause. As a result, around 95 per cent condoms and 78 per cent oral contraceptive pill (OCP) were successfully sold.
(6) Awareness generation through IEC/IPC activities at entire RCH component - This was to  improve health status of young women and children, awareness generation pertaining to family planning, prevention and management of RTI/STD’s and AIDS. The campaigns were conducted in the area with the help of community support.

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