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Food Processing Research & Training

The organization has started Abhinav Food Processing and Training Centre (FPTC) at J-20 Industrial Sector, Begrajpur, Muzaffarnagar on 1st April, 2000 which is funded by Ministry of Food Processing Industries (Government of India). At FPTC, around 1643 people have received training as shown in Graph-1 and they have manufactured/sold 7,512,938.00 units of product as shown in Graph-2. Training course is organized for special group like youth, unemployed, village women, marginal farmers, and members of SC/ST/OBC for learning modern techniques of food production and marketing of the finished or value added products at the National level. This also helps in giving an employment opportunity to the rural peoples and makes them self independent which sets a milestone.

In present time, production is very easy but selling is main problem for the villagers. So, organization takes their readymade product (tie-up) and sells with their own name brand called “ABHINAV”. Earlier organization was giving training in making pickles, soya sauce, tomato ketchup, noodles, jam, jelly, vinegar, etc, but now, it also provides training for grinding of spices, bakery product, canned product, etc. Fruits and vegetable provide maximum vitamins when consumed fresh, but they are highly perishable commodities and cannot be kept for long. Thus, it is important to preserve these in season when available in plenty so as to ensure their supply throughout the year and ensure good nutrition. Training is imparted through practical demonstration supported by lecture-cum-discussion, slide shows and exhibitions. Generally, each batch consists of about 25 trainees and after completion of course, a certificate is also issued to them. During the current year, the organization has trained 230 people out of which 12 people has strengthened their economic status by manufacturing 50,000 units.

The main objective of the organization for short term is to provide the food processing knowledge; employment generation; preservation of seasonal vegetables and fruits for long time; food processing method; knowledge of nutrient food and its utilization; and surplus harvesting with modern techniques. On the other side, the long term objectives are motivation for starting and growing your own enterprise for food processing; marketing knowledge about products; current demand and requirement of market; and raw material knowledge.

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