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Farm Schools

In the country where population is growing by the rate of 22% but the demand and supply of food is lagging behind. For this, State Government came forward to help the farmers and provided them a platform to learn from experienced and outstanding farmers. Thus, the concept of farms schools came to the fore based on the concept of ‘learning by doing’ and ‘seeding and harvesting believes’.

Abhinav was selected as one of the implementing agencies of farm schools in developmental blocks namely Khatauli, Baghra, Budhana, Jansath, Sadar, Charthaval, Morna, Shahapur, Kandhla at district Muzaffarnagar. The organization undertook the project and provided a platform where outstanding and experienced farmers can share their experiences with other farmers and solve problem (if any) through regional options. Besides this, the organization linked the other fields related with agriculture like dairy, cattle, rearing, gardening, etc, to ensure the farmer’s participation in technological development is necessary. Thus, Abhinav set up a stage for research institutions, agri-universities and centres for supporting the farmers about soil testing, balanced use of fertilizers, exhibition of micro-nutrients, bio fertilizing, and NADEP/Vermi Compost/Green manure at block and village level. Near about 12 farm schools have been set up in the blocks. These schools are sustained and progressing to meet the objectives as proposed by ATMA project.
ATMA project has given some key features of the farm schools like where to set up, who can participate, what are the activities, and how to provide knowledge. Firstly, the farm schools set up can be at Government/Non Government institutions and operational at block/gram panchayat level. They can accommodate at least 30-35 people without causing any inconvenience to farmer in reaching the school. Secondly, teachers in schools could be progressive farmers/experts where students are the leaders of Commodity Interest Groups (CIGs) of different village. Thirdly, main activity of school is to operationalize “Front Line Demonstrations” on integrated crop management includes filed preparation, seed treatment, IPM, INM, etc. The schools also provide season long technical training to farmers. Lastly, students and teachers may visit farm schools to see each other as when required and as per schedule. The knowledge and skills of students and teachers could be sharpening through training, and exposure visits at district/state/national level. The responsibility of students is to provide support to other farmers in their respective or neighbouring village.

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