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Environment Upgradation

India is a democratic country where the ultimate power lies with the public but every power comes with a responsibility for sustainable development. Several schemes launched by the Government for improving the conservation of national assets and environment. Hence, it is necessary to develop eco-friendly habits among the people.

Abhinav has implemented “Town Specific Innovative Programme” with public participation and awareness component of Yamuna Action Plan–II. This project was running since November 2006 in area of Ghaziabad and Muzaffarnagar for controlling the river pollution. The objective of this project was to promote the techniques of urban solid waste management, using eco-friendly material, community awareness through IEC & IPC activities and direct participation through street sanitation committees, town task force, and Dhobi Ghat Association.

Abhinav has certain action component of the project such as:
(1) Behavior change awareness campaign - History is witness to the fact that whenever people have become insensitive towards national issues, it has proved terrible for the nation. The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything. This philosophy is implied in this project. Hence, Abhinav strongly believe in bringing about behavioral change with the help of awareness campaigns. The activities undertaken were: IEC activities such as - Folk media (like Magic Shows, street play, etc.), Print Media (like Hoardings, Posters, Banners, slogan writing, cinema slide, etc.), Community & public meetings, exhibition, cultural programmes, IPC and door to door communication.

(2) Identify capacity building and effective use of sound resources - The management aspect of solid waste is comparatively a new concept for the developing urban area like Muzaffarnagar & Ghaziabad. Therefore, the stakeholders lack perspective and skill to effectively participate in the process. The project undertook capacity building programme for stakeholders, NGOs & similar project agencies, Doctors/ Municipal board workers/ Traders & industrialist, etc. through organizing workshop, seminars, training sessions, and exposure visits.
Abhinav has provided consultancy services to conceive and implement the intervention solid waste management. For direct community involvement, there was provision of formation & capacity building of local community based “Street sanitation committee” to ensure sustainability. The organization strived for strengthening this committee by regular training programme and all activity is running under the leadership of this committee. After the completion of project, the street sanitation committee was appointed and will be in acting strongly to sustain the project.
(3) Service delivery up gradation - Town solid waste management is a big challenge in India. Although town municipal Corporations / Boards and supportive agencies have taken considerable initiatives, but were not successful in achieving them. Abhinav took an initiative of encouraging community participation and support of stakeholders. Now community has appointed a sweeper for proper solid waste disposing with segregation in an organized way. Project staff has installed some big dustbin with the help of town municipal and 10 heavy duty small dustbins at main waste dumping points of project areas by its own resources. 

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