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Construction and Supervision

Abhinav stands unbeatable in community construction and supervising the construction activities meant for social welfare. In Uttar Pradesh, the work of implementing centrally sponsored scheme (ILCS) for urban sanitation has been assigned to Abhinav for not only construction of low cost sanitation units through sanitary two pit pour flush latrines with superstructures and appropriate variations to suit local conditions in EWS household but also eradicate the concept of open defecation and manual scavengers. Abhinav has simplified designs and standardized the parts, resulting in household costs about 50 per cent lower than those in similar government-financial schemes.

Abhinav has constructed world class public toilets in different areas of U.P. These toilets are for public on pay & use basis called as "Flush n Pride". The organization has supervised the construction under rural drinking water and sanitation programme based on community participation. This has benefitted more than 1 Lakh people in various villages. The organization has monitored the construction to ensure proper maintenance of quality. Further, NGO has performed testing of materials for construction including PVC pipes, bricks, steel, cement, etc. The organization meticulously supervises the construction under rural drinking water and sanitation programme with the help of its expert engineers. The activities involves construction of tube well, OHT, and laying and jointing PVC pipes for water supply.

Abhinav has ensured that the technology option available is acceptable, adaptable and affordable for the community. The organization assessed various factors such as technical feasibility, and requirements combined with willingness to contribute towards capital cost to help the authorities in selection of appropriate water supply technology. It has the philosophy of being the facilitator rather than a leader. The organization has facilitated electric supply for the water tank from the VWSC itself rather than seeking help from electricity department. The technical work undertaken by VWSC is a milestone in itself.

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