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Donate a Water Purifier: Save Families from Sickness

Water is life, but a large proportion of India’s population has to struggle everyday to find it even for drinking.  Those of us who have access to technology and amenities, cannot even think of walking for hours to collect a pot of drinking water, but it is the very reality for huge population residing in different parts of the country.  Moreover, with traditional sources of water getting polluted day by day, it is often hard to get in pristine condition especially to the rural sides.  People are suffering from waterborne diseases and we often read them dying of such sickness.  Small children and the elderly are the most at risk.

At ABHINAV we work to promote the cause of safe drinking water in partnership with the Governments, NGOs, Corporate, and the Individuals like you.  We have successfully executed several drinking water projects in the northern region and helped in developing water supply system for the needy.  Our efforts have been appreciated by the World Bank, JBIC, Government bodies, etc., from time and again.

At ABHINAV we have now started a campaign to empower the common man with safe drinking water in remote areas.  We are now distributing ‘WATER PURIFIERS’ to the families where safe water is scarce.  The task is huge: but TOGETHER we can do it.  PLEASE join us in the campaign and adopt a family by sponsoring a water purifier for them.  For you its little money, but for them it’s LIFE.   

Your support and our efforts, TOGETHER we can help in creating safer lives and save lives.  You can sponsor as many families as you wish you, it just costs as little as Rs ………….. per unit.   Be a live saver, gift a WATER PURIFIER.

At ABHINAV we appreciate your concern for the deprived people and value your contribution and therefore, use your charity always to the right cause without delay.  Make a positive move towards making a brighter and healthier India.

Please donate to ABHINAV.

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